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Daphne the Doxie

March 30, 2016

shared about this sweet girl not long after we got her but I haven’t blogged any photos of her since and I feel like an update is long overdue! We’ve had Daphne about four months now and she’s still as sweet as can be. Thankfully she’s doing great but when we first got her we had some major health scares with her that I never shared about. The day we brought her home, she started randomly swelling up in the face to the point where she could barely even see and we had to rush her back to the pet store to have them administer some meds. It was terrifying. When we picked her up the next day, she was doing better but we discovered she’s probably allergic to some medicines so now she has to get Benedryl before any shots or procedures. Once she started feeling better and got comfortable roaming the yard, we started finding ticks on her and had to get a Lyme vaccine. Then she ate a poisonous mushroom and her body started violently shaking for hours. Then she had to get treated for worms, spayed, and get all her normal puppy shots. It was QUITE the scary start to owning a puppy. Honestly, I’d never recommend getting a puppy from the pet store. We said we’d never do it but there are so many things that happened to make me even more adamant about that. I’m so glad we got Daphne out of that place but still… It was a bit much.

Anyway, she’s super healthy now, as far as we know, and I honestly want to rename her Hops because she’s the bounciest, jumpiest, happiest little thing I’ve ever seen. When I go home to visit and I’m sitting in the chair working on my laptop, I can see her head pop up above my laptop because she jumps so high. All she ever wants is to be in your arms. She’s gotten really good at fetch and we just started taking her on walks — she loves them! Last week, she discovered her bark and her favorite hobby is running after bunnies. 🙂 I always dreamed of having a longhaired miniature dachshund and it seems SO silly but this dog brings me so much joy! I miss her so much and end up going home to visit her almost every week! Haha! Dogs are the BEST!

So for those of you who keep asking about her, here are some photos! Some of these are from Christmastime and some are from the other day! You can see how she’s grown between the first few photos to the last. She’s such a little cutie!! <3




  1. Jordan says:

    Your fluffy baby is absolutely adorable! I have a dachshund named Phoebe and she is quite the handful. Oh my. Thank goodness she is the cutest thing on this earth. We barely survived her teething. I have the best time reading about other dachshund stories knowing that I am not alone. 🙂 She is about 8 months old and we are having a blast now. Phew!

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