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Bedford Virginia Engagement Photographer | Peaks of Otter | Allison + Davis

May 27, 2016

People ask me a lot what I’m inspired by and honestly, locations are a huge inspiration for me. Because of that, I often like to see photos or give suggestions to my couples when they’re choosing a spot for their engagement session. I love when they pick something meaningful to them but I also still like to make sure it has enough variety to provide places for a two-hour shoot. Well, because Allison and Davis chose a location in Bedford, I wasn’t able visit ahead of time so I just had to put my trust in them. After I got there, I sighed a deep breath because it couldn’t have been more perfect. The mountains, the lake, the flowering bushes…. I loved it! And to my surprise, it wasn’t raining! Since we had to reschedule once, I was glad to see the sun in the sky! 🙂

But beyond the location, I have been looking forward to meeting Allison ever since she booked! She’s actually one of the wedding planners at the venue she’s getting married at in Roanoke called Plantation on Sunnybrook. I knew when she told me she was in the business that we’d have fun chatting all things wedding-related and that her wedding day would be beautiful! Allison is such a sweetheart and if I didn’t know better, I would have thought she had been photographed many times before! The first set of photos in this post are the very first shots I took — I was impressed. Allison and Davis, I’m so thankful to be your photographer! It was a blast wandering Peaks of Otter with you. My favorite parts of the shoot include your dog getting out of his collar and running right for the lake (right after Davis told me Moose loved the water) and having an old man with a nice camera try to photograph you without me noticing! Haha!! These are the engagement session memories I’ll hold on to forever. 🙂 Can’t wait until October, you guys!




  1. Emily Sacra says:

    So gorgeous! Love the ones in the field!

  2. Krystalin Mays says:

    Where is this feild!? It is gorgeous. You did an amazing job!

  3. Sara says:


    My cousins and great friend decided to spontaneously wed yesterday. Because of the short notice, she wasn’t able to find a photographer. I was hoping to pay for a quick session for them, post wedding/newly wed sort of thing. What is your pricing and availability?

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