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I'm the face behind the business but I'm married to my better half and best friend Sam, who I work with often because he is a very talented filmmaker! We currently live on the stunning north shore of Oahu, Hawaii. Living here has been a dream of both of ours even before we met. We are lovers of anywhere tropical and warm, with good vibes (hello Hawaii)! Sam is living his best life surfing (and filming) the north shore beaches every week and I am living my lifelong dream of being able to walk to the most beautiful beaches in the world whenever my heart desires. We can't believe we get to capture couples and weddings in this magical place!!

But here's a few facts about me! I have a serious coffee addiction. My favorite morning ritual is getting outside and going to grab an iced honey or coconut latte at the nearest beach coffee shack. I also adore longhaired dachshunds and can guarantee if I see one, I will squeal and try to befriend the owner. We’ve had dachshunds my entire life and I am 100% loyal to that breed, although I never turn down an opportunity to love on a puppy. My favorite food is tacos and my husband makes the best ones (outside of a place in NYC called Los Tacos No. 1). I’m an INFJ and type 4 on the enneagram. I feel very deeply, I find people super intriguing, and if I wasn’t doing photography, I’d probably want to be a counselor. I love to listen and one of my favorite things is hearing someone’s story and helping them to see purpose in it. I believe everyone was created for a reason and I love to remind people of that. My faith in Jesus is what gives me purpose and a joy to be alive.

My name’s Meredith and We have teams on Oahu HAWAII and in Virginia but photograph elegant, dreamy, and vibrant weddings, elopements, and proposals worldwide. We adore couples who love a beautiful location and have an adventurous spirit just like us!

Hi, there!

I grew up in a small town in Virginia and outside of our move to Hawaii, I lived in Virginia for my whole life. I grew up with a creative personality and have always been a bit of an old soul — maybe I can contribute that to the fact that I had to mature quickly in a family with two crazy older brothers. I appreciate deep conversation, I love journaling, and at a young age, I learned that life is too short not to love people well. I found my love for capturing people not too long after one of my best friends passed away my first year of high school. I got my camera shortly after and looked through my lens hoping to see beauty in a time that felt anything but beautiful.

I think because of that loss, I value capturing moments and stopping time with my camera more than I otherwise would have. When I get a couple in front of my lens, my goal becomes to give you permission to confidently be yourself and love the person in the frame with you. I desire to capture love in a way that allows you to look back on your photos in the years to come and relive that euphoric season of early engagement or marriage. 

After a decade of shooting weddings, I have seen everything in the book. When you invest in me, you are not only investing in a full gallery of consistent, breathtaking images that will make you as the bride look like you belong in a magazine but you are also getting the experience of a photographer who knows how to navigate and create those moments. When you scroll through my work, it might look like those photos just unfolded naturally but what you don't see is the curation of those moments. What you don't see is me moving the brides hair so it looks perfect, ensuring that everyone's hands look natural in family formals, or adjusting your silverware on your head table. When you hire Meredith Sledge, you are hiring a photographer who cares to make each image a piece of art. You are hiring a photographer who is organized, knows how to direct you into poses that make you look your best, and who cares deeply that your day is meaningful and your photos are what you dreamed of. You deserve to have your story told by someone who wants to tell it and that's what I want to do.  


My Favorite Things

The enneagram
iced Honey lattes

love stories

The Show 24
The beach

I absolutely love to travel - it's a huge part of what inspires my heart. Click below to see where I've traveled, and where I want to go. Will I see you there?








Alabama, Connecticut, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, West Virginia ... ALWAYS EXPLORING!

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If you're getting married or eloping in any of the locations below, send me a message! These spots are on my bucket list so if you cover travel, lodging, and transportation, I will photograph your day at no cost.



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