You probably want to freeze those sweet moments before they’re gone because they sure do go fast, don’t they? Family photos are truly the most important investment you can make for yourself. 

Every day, your kids are growing and changing and while you won’t ever get the time back, you can keep the memories. That’s why I absolutely adore working with families. There is something so magical about stopping a moment in time that will live on forever. So whether you’re on an incredible island vacation or you live here on Oahu, this is your chance to get beautiful family photos done that you will hold near and dear for the rest of your lives.

If you’ve stumbled upon my family portrait page, you’re probably someone who treasures your family and sees how fast time is flying.



My job is to create a fun, relaxed environment during our shoot that allows you to simply be together. While I always do the classic “looking at the camera” photos, what’s even more important to me is capturing the feeling of you being a family. I want you to play together, snuggle together, and splash in the water together… I want to capture the joy of you being a family by having you interact. And that might take some time. It might not look like you thought it would look. But I assure you, if you show up ready to have fun, trust me to capture the moments, and enjoy playing with your kids like you would at home, you’re going to have a gallery of images you love. I so hope I have the chance to work with you!

I know anything involving kids can be a bit unpredictable and I’m here to tell you — your kids don’t have to be perfect for you to have beautiful family photos.

To keep things simple, I offer three different collections for family photos. Prices do not include $20 required permit, mileage or tax.



30 minutes of shooting
30 edited images
1 outfit
1 location

Complete Collection | $900

1 hour of shooting
100 edited images
2 outfits
1 location

Luxury Collection | $1400

1.5-2 hours of shooting
150+ edited images
2 outfits
1-2 locations
Hair and makeup (for one person)
Outfit styling assistance

I recommend neutral and more pastel, soft tones. They photograph really well and don’t cast colors onto anyone’s faces. Avoid logos and small patterns, and rather than matching exactly, try to coordinate the colors. It’s always nice to have a variety of soft colors in the photo. But if you need more help, I’ll help you choose the best options. If you book the luxury collection, I will send you links to clothes that would work well! Here's a quick guide.



Your kids will probably be wild, and that’s okay. To be honest, most kids don’t listen perfectly during a shoot and they sometimes lose interest and just want to run off to the water. The goal is to work with them as much as we can. I love asking questions to kids or having the parents swing them or throw them in the air, for example, to get them laughing. Kids often don’t do well with the smiling and looking at the camera shots for more than a few minutes which is why I engage them throughout the shoot with actions! This works really well!

What if it rains?

Hawaii’s weather is very unpredictable but it is very rare that it rains for more than ten minutes at a time. There’s honestly no way to look at the weather forecast and know if it’ll actually rain or not because 95% of the time if it says it’s going to rain, it doesn’t or it only lasts a few minutes. Sometimes it’s a little rainier from December to February or March but I’ve actually never had to cancel or reschedule due to rain. The west side does tend to be the driest if you’re worried about this but if for any reason there’s a downpour that won’t let up on your shoot date, I usually just try to reschedule to a new day even if that means doing sunrise. If we can’t reschedule due to rain, you will get a refund.

Do you shoot extended family sessions?

Yes I do!! This is very common here in Hawaii and I love meeting and working with a big group. I’m very used to this with my background in wedding photography. My pricing is a bit higher for extended family sessions, if there are 10 or more people!

When will we see our photos?

I deliver galleries within 8 weeks when it’s not busy season. Most of the time, I send a sneak peek gallery with a few images within 1 or 2 weeks of the shoot though!


I'm more than happy to answer any questions you have. Be sure to send me a note, and I'll be in touch as soon as possible. 


In order to work together, we'll chat all about the details. I shoot all over the island and know just about every spot there is here so you’ll have endless backdrops to choose from, depending on what you envision. You'll bring your family, and we'll have the best time celebrating what you've built.


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