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Bachelor & Bachelorette

May 13, 2016

I’ve never blogged about my obsession with the Bachelor & Bachelorette before but considering it’s on my “Favorites” page on my website, I feel like I should acknowledge it. Haha. I don’t remember why I first started watching the show but it probably had something to do with my friends’ weekly tweeting sessions. I didn’t really have any idea what happened on the show until I started watching but reality TV has always interested me so I downloaded Sean Lowe’s season and his was the first that I watched.

I remember watching the first few episodes and thinking to myself, “Wow, what a sick, cruel joke.” All I could picture was this one guy kissing twenty different girls and I felt so bad. I grew up in a really conservative home so I actually felt a little messed up watching it. BUT, if there was any season to start on, it was Sean’s because he loves the Lord and although he’s obviously not perfect, he did a good job of treating the girls well and not getting sucked into the fame of being on the show. For him, it was more than just TV. Wow, how quickly I turned into an advocate. Haha! Let’s just say after a few episodes, I must have become desensitized to the fact that one guy was dating twenty-some girls. I was officially hooked.

In fact, I got one of my best friends hooked on the show when she swore she’d never watch it. She refused at least thirty times before I made her watch an episode. Now, she loves the show too and she even sent in an application for me to be on the next season. The chances that I’d be picked are slim and I don’t know if I’d even go on the show but it’s crazy thinking that there’s a small possiblity. More than wanting to be on the show, I actually really want to work for the show. I have this wild dream of being a producer and though that also may never happen, I’m just putting it out there for the world. If you have a connection, let me know. 😉 If you read the books I’m suggesting below, you’ll learn a lot about the producer’s role for each candidate.

Okay, back to regular programming (pun intended)…. I finished watching Sean’s season and then I watched all the other seasons backwards. I’d watch one Bachelor season and then the previous Bachelorette season and so forth. Don’t ask me why I did this. Usually, I either knew who would get picked or I knew who wouldn’t get picked, because for those of you who don’t know, the producers of the show always pick a guy from the previous Bachelorette season to be the next Bachelor and vice versa.

After watching as many seasons as I could, Emily and Sean ended up being my all-time favorite Bachelorette and Bachelor. So naturally, when I was browsing Amazon one day and Emily Maynard’s book popped up (it had just been released), I knew I had to buy it. I won’t give it all away but Emily’s story is really interesting and so much happened in her life to lead her where she is today. The show will give you a peak at her heart but this book really shares so much about her experiences on the show. I devoured it in only a few short days. I really loved getting more of the inside scoop on how the show operates so I got Sean’s book too and read it in another three days. Normally I’m reading fiction so this was a big change and even though not everyone will enjoy these reads, I had to do my part in recommending them! For any Bachelor lovers, you’d probably really love these books! If you’ve already read them, I want to know your thoughts!! Which one did you like better?! Who’s your favorite Bachelor or Bachelorette?




  1. Katie says:

    Haha I am not into the Bachelor, but I can’t really judge you because I have a secret obsession with the Kardashians…hahahaha.

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