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The Knot Magazine | Spring & Summer 2017 Print Publication

January 1, 2017

Being featured in print in the Knot has been on my bucket list since I started shooting in 2012 but I honestly didn’t know if it would ever happen. Being featured in general is a complicated world and a difficult process. I don’t think you ever really figure it out. But I did randomly submit a proposal to the Knot back in early fall because I thought these amazing pink peach trees were pretty unique and I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try. Well, a few days later, I opened an email from the Knot, assuming I’d be denied but instead I saw the words, “Congratulations!” It’s always a good day to see those words!

I couldn’t believe it but they were asking for my client’s email to contact them for a story. At the time, I didn’t know what photo they picked, what the story was going to be, or even what issue it would be in but I was still excited. The photo could have been the size of a penny and I would have been happy. Haha! It’s actually funny because the image they said they picked was just one at King Family of my couple walking with the mountains in the background but they asked me to send a few other options just in case. Well, I obviously sent the peach trees because I was hoping that would be the image they’d pick! I had no idea what to expect when I got the magazine last week in the mail!

I opened it up to find this pretty image and Ali and Bryan’s sweet story on page 57!! YAY! They picked the one of the trees!!! Insert praise hands! Haha!! It’s on newsstands January 16th so go get your copy next month or check out their fun proposal on the blog here! Thanks to the Knot for featuring this amazing couple! I’m forever grateful for moments like this! Happy New Year, friends!!

The Knot Magazine Publication



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